What should I wear?

You may wear whatever you want. There are some people who wear suits and ties, others go more business casual (slacks and a button shirt), and still some wear jeans and t-shirts. It’s important to remember that God looks at the soul, not at what you have on.

What is Praise and Worship like?

We sing songs that are uplifting, easy and they all point you to Jesus Christ.  You can be comfortable sitting down or standing up.  And there’s always words on the screens just in case there’s a song you’re not familiar with.

Service Times?

Currently our worship services start at 12pm on Sundays

Do you have coffee?

Yes!  We have free coffee and tea available before and after the worship service.

Prayer Availability

When filling out the Connection card there is an area to request prayer.  Sometimes during the service our Pastor is prompted to offer prayer for those needing prayer at that very moment.

Service length

Our worship service lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes

What else?

Be sure to visit our Welcome Center to receive a free gift.  It’s our way of saying thank you for being our guest!